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Terms & Conditions


We offer a service instead of a physical product, it is important that you understand what it is you are buying and what you will receive.

Before an order is placed, please do the following:

  • Read the full description & process of the listing you are purchasing.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions.

It is so important for your own piece of mind that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing. By making a purchase at our website, you are stating that you understand the process, the service being offered, and the timeline and you agree to the terms and conditions of Mosherino LLC. 

You purchase the sole and exclusive license to produce, publish, and/or sell the Artwork we provide to you and all extensions, renewals, and revivals thereof throughout the World. All original Artwork will remain the property of Mosherino LLC. You agree not to make any substantive changes to the Artwork without consulting us.


Payment and Return Policy

  • Payment is required prior to starting work on illustrations. Final files will be delivered after the purchase is made and the payment is received. 
  • We return 100% of your money without any questions asked, if you don’t like the first draw after two revisions and feel you are unable to provide feedback to amend the drawings to your liking. Projects in progress are canceled and files won’t be delivered.
  • If you become inactive without notice, after the 30 business days it will be considered abandoned and completed, no refund/work will be due.


Delivery & Shipping Cost

We send design files digitally via emails, so there are no shipping costs.


Delivery and Failure to Deliver

  • Delivery time depends on packages/services you purchase. We give you a tentative/approximate deadline for your orders. We try to stick to deadlines but it is also your responsibility to give quick feedback so that overall speed can be maintained. We will email you from time to time and give you updates about our progress or what stage we are currently working on.
  • If we fail to make delivery of the Artwork on the dates specified or if the Artwork delivered is not satisfactory to the you,  you may, at your  option, do one or more of the following:
    (a) Terminate this Agreement by giving written notice, in which event you agree to pay us a cancellation fee.
    (b) Request us to work cooperatively with you to make the Artwork satisfactory to you within a period to be fixed by you, in which event we shall use our best efforts to do so. If  we fail to deliver the Artwork satisfactory to you, you may terminate this Agreement as provided in subparagraph (a). 



If you for any reason cancel publication you shall pay the  cancellation fee to be agreed and proportional to the degree of completion which will be determined by monetary delivery dates as specified in paragraph 2. In the event of us canceling this agreement, any unused funds  from the deposits will be refunded within 30 days. 

You shall have no rights in any Artwork so canceled. All incomplete Artwork will  remain our property.



  • Except where the Artwork is based on reference material or visuals supplied by you, we warrant that the artwork is original and does not infringe any existing copyright and further warrant that we have not used the Artwork elsewhere.
  • The copyright for the Artwork shall belong to us. 
  • The copyright in the text shall belong to you. 
  • You agree to print a copyright notice on the title or copyright or back cover page of each copy of the Artwork as required to obtain protection under the Universal Copyright Convention. 



  • We will maintain the confidentiality of your source materials, technical  and marketing plans and all other sensitive information.
  • Any corporate secret documents provided to us  by you will be returned  to you immediately upon request, or at the completion of the contract, whichever  occurs first. 


Maintenance and technical support.

Changes relating to ongoing maintenance, modifying correct content or additional pages will be invoiced at our normal hourly rate.

If you still have any questions/queries, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

We will do our best to answer within 1-2 Business Days.

These terms are effective from September 2022.