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Children’s books are more about colorful pictures with vivid expressions. Our expertise in illustrations has allowed us to work with authors from all across the world and so far, we have illustrated over 110 children’s books.

Yay! Yay! Holiday

Yay! Yay! Holiday!

My Fair Dinkum Dad

My Fair Dinkum Dad

Hooroo Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye!

Hooroo, Ta-Ta, Bye-bye

How Do Fruits Fall Asleep

How Do Fruits Fall Asleep

We have worked with 60+ authors and publishers from all across the world and over 70% of our authors created more than one book with us. We offer distinctive illustration styles to the authors and they choose the one which most appeals to them.

It’s a pleasure for our team to work on each project. We would be more than happy to put our design and illustration experience to work for you. If you would like to keep up on our latest projects and authors tips, come by and connect with us on Instagram for daily posts and videos.

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