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Interview with Kellie Carte-Sears, Author of “Moments with Massy” Series

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Kellie Carte-Sears

YEARS AGO when KELLIE CARTE-SEARS learned her young grandchildren were moving to a different city from where she lived, she decided the best way to assist them with this change was to find a book that would help them embrace their emotions and let them know everything would be okay – a book that would show them moving didn’t have to be so scary but could be fun and adventurous. But she couldn’t find a book that was “real” in a way that her grandchildren would connect. So Kellie went home and wrote her first book “Moving Away Will Be Okay!”. Shortly after, she wrote her second book, “You’re Not Bad, We ALL Get Mad!”.

Newly released in 2020, “Moving Away Will Be Okay!” quickly gained stellar reviews, worldwide sales, and top 10 ranking in the Children’s Christian Emotions and Feelings category while her second publication, “You’re Not Bad, We ALL Get Mad!”, gained the coveted #1 New Release status. The newest book “The Power of a Flower!” , a fun filled entertaining story about determination and teamwork, was published in 2021 September.

For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Hello! I am Kellie Carte-Sears, a newly published children’s book author. I have an amazing husband and a daughter who is a grade school teacher. I have three wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from 6-15 years old. They inspired me to write books when I was unable to find a book about moving on the library shelf. While that was many years ago, they are helpful in all aspects of the publishing process today. My fur -child is a 63 pound slobbery bulldog who brings much laughter into our lives. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur; starting, owning and operating multiple businesses over the last 30 years. Recently after selling our businesses, I became semi –retired. With a little more time on my hands, I look forward to writing, substitute teaching, spending more time with family, and traveling.

Did you always wanted to be a children’s book author?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. However, being an author was never on my radar. It wasn’t until I was unable to find a book for my grandchildren, that I decided to write the book myself. At that time, it was specifically for them. After finding my manuscripts 11 years later, tucked away in a file cabinet, I decided that with a little time on my hands, I needed to share the stories with other children and families.

What part of writing children stories have you come to appreciate the most?

I appreciate the reaction from children the most. When a child connects to the story in a positive way and a way that helps them while still being entertained in the process, it results in a memorable experience.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop trying to be perfect at everything and enjoy the process.

What’s on your nightstand? Any books?

Since I tend to be a bit of a neat freak, simplicity often rules. I have a lamp and a picture/story that was gifted to me by a dear friend.

When did you write your very first children story?

2009 and published in 2020.

What do you wish you’d have known starting out as an author?

Although it would not have kept me from publishing, I wish I would have known how stressful the entire process was….. again, it’s a self-inflicted perfectionism thing with me.

What inspires your work?

My grandchildren and the desire to help other children while simply bringing smiles to their faces with a bit of fun along the way, inspires me.

What sparked the idea for “Moments with Massy” series?

My oldest granddaughter’s nurturing and caring manner.

Which five words do you feel best describe “Moments with Massy”  series?

Mindful, Insightful, Educational, Relatable, Playful

Why do you think your books make an excellent addition to a child’s library?

The books are timeless and offer social emotional learning in a memorable sometimes silly relatable way.
The positive universal message within each story applies to all children.

What has been the best reaction from a reader, so far?

It’s difficult to choose just one, but if I have to choose, it would be when a young boy with autism read the book live online and said he enjoyed the story. That was priceless.

Should we expect to see more stories published in “Moments with Massy” series? Any projects coming up you would like to share with us?

You can expect more stories in the “Moments with Massy” series in the future.

 Kellie Carte-Sears is offering her books as a way to assist children during life changes and challenges.
Check out her website and “Moments with Massy” book series here